video surveillance installation

In recent years, video surveillance installation has grown in popularity as a home and business security tool. Many customers are turning to wireless security systems to satisfy their security demands since they are adaptable, mobile, and simple to install without requiring specialists to run cables across the property.

The video surveillance installation is determined by the kind of camera and its power supply.

The difficulty and expense of developing a video surveillance system are determined by the surveillance system’s function and the technical aspects of the individual object, rather than the number of cameras. Installing a CCTV system of four cameras in a small store, for instance, is much easier and less expensive than intelligently choosing and installing one street camera for round-the-clock automatic detection of vehicle registration numbers and attempting to control the barrier at the entrance via a factory control point.

How To Install Video Surveillance?

Here are the steps you should keep in mind for video surveillance installation:

  1. Locate a secure position on the wall.
  2. Some cameras may need to locate a stud, but others may provide drywall anchors.
  3. Look for any existing wiring.
  4. Mark and drill the necessary holes.
  5. Connect the monitoring source by running the wire back through the wall.

Make sure the hole you drill is large enough to draw the wire through, but not so large that it prevents you from mounting the camera.

Deploying wire-free (often still referred to as wireless) cameras almost anywhere is a significant advantage. However, you should still ensure you are within range of your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other wireless connections.

However, if your outdoor camera has a power cable, you must be able to drill quickly through harder materials such as stucco or brick.

Furthermore, ensure your security camera is out of reach of a burglar or a mischievous child, so they can’t quickly take it and go. Installers suggest mounting your cameras at least nine feet above the ground—but not so high that you can’t see what’s going on below.

What Is The Best Video Surveillance?

Nothing less was anticipated from a camera with the word “simple” right in its name. The SimpliCam is part of the SimpliSafe setup, and as you can see from our SimpliSafe home security review, it’s one of the simplest security systems to set up.

Moreover, the SimpliCam is compatible with the rest of the SimpliSafe devices. It took a few minutes to set up, and all providers had to do was plug it in. When connected to a smartphone, the SimpliCam live-streamed straight via the SimpliSafe app, providing rapid visual access to one’s living room. From there, the provider could activate or disable the camera’s motion sensor. It’s hardly the most sophisticated security camera, but it does the job.

If you want to test out the SimpliCam, all you have to do is buy a SimpliSafe security system. Every package includes a free SimpliCam, and security systems are presently 20% discounted with an Interactive plan bundle.

Where Should You Put Your Video Surveillance Cameras?

Some outdoor security cameras are waterproof, allowing you to position them where they are most needed. Once you’ve decided which areas need the most excellent coverage, use the following recommendations to optimize installation locations:

  1. Keep under cover. This reduces the effect of precipitation on the quality of surveillance video.
  2. Install cameras on the top. This will safeguard cameras from vandalism while also expanding coverage.
  3. Obstruction-free. To increase the field of vision, avoid making obstructions the focal point.
  4. Obvious placement. The presence of security cameras may deter potential burglars.
  5. Point away from the light. Mount the camera so that the lens is pointing away from light sources.
  6. Protect camera cables. To hide the cables, install them on ceilings, soffits, or buildings.


Many individuals use fake video surveillance and out-of-date yard signs to defend their houses, and many believe they are just as effective as the real thing.

However, most individuals think the original product is superior to any imitation. When protecting your property, most people believe that actual and real video surveillance is more effective. And with the right video surveillance installation, you can protect your home or business.

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