CCTV Installation

CCTV Camera Installation San Diego

CCTV camera installation is a cost-effective way to upgrade your property security

Closed Circuit Television installations are increasingly important for commercial property managers, apartment complexes, retail outlets and restaurants. They provide a visible deterrent for intruders, help prevent vandalism, and protect employees, tenants, or customers in the event of an incident.

CCTV video footage also provides a record that can be used as evidence in court. Business owners or property managers can keep an eye on their facilities for complete peace of mind, at the touch of a button.

Employee theft and shoplifting will no longer be ‘invisible losses’

A 2021 National Retail Security Survey estimates that businesses nationally lose up to 5% of their annual revenue to employee fraud, with an average loss per incident of more than $1,500.

Add in shoplifting losses, at an average $460 per incident, and it’s easy to see why visibility is critical. It’s especially challenging for small businesses, with many losing thousands of dollars every month, but afraid of policy cancellation for filing insurance claims.

A custom CCTV installation provides cost-effective activity monitoring to prevent shoplifting or theft.

Monitoring retail traffic flow can help increase your profit potential

In a retail setting, store layout and product placement are critical to sales success. Clear visibility into shopping patterns can identify hot products, or customer bottlenecks. Monitoring traffic flow can help reduce staffing costs, and identify the most profitable hours of operation.

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A well-managed CCTV installation is a profitable addition to your business

CCTV camera systems can detect potential threats quickly, and monitor employee activity and inventory. It’s an essential, affordable security system that offers reliable protection for any type of business, apartment complex, or retail location.

Our CCTV systems help protect your property, reduce losses due to theft, improve profit potential, and even help you qualify for discounts of up to 20% on your property insurance since your new system helps minimize their risk — we look forward to sharing all the details!

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