Security Camera Installation San Diego

CCTV Camera Installation San Diego

Thriving San Diego businesses know what’s happening in all areas of their operations… Do you?

Security camera systems are an invaluable asset for businesses, whether it’s for commercial property managers, individual facility owners, or warehouses throughout San Diego. These security systems are ideal for owners or managers who want to ensure their operations run smoothly, without costly security personnel. 

Effective security camera systems deter criminals, and detect suspicious behavior…

Comprehensive security camera systems are one of the top priorities for large commercial property owners. They offer a dependable and cost-effective way to protect your property, tenants, employees, and visitors, and help protect you from liability.

With a customized camera system installed, you can be sure your business is fully protected, with a facility that’s safe and secure. Our expertise, our state of the art technology and our detailed assessment may even qualify you for insurance company discounts of up to 20% on a system that minimizes their potential risk.

“As a client of Calico IT for over 10 years, I always know that they’re looking ahead and being proactive with my tech. And even better, I’m confident that they’ll be there to fix things and make things right if ever anything goes wrong. I know this, because they’ve always been there for us. “


As security camera specialists in San Diego, we protect what’s important to you…

As a long time local San Diego business, we know the area well, so we can make sure your facility isn’t seen as a ‘soft target’ for intruders. Our clients trust us to protect their business, and a strong security camera system is the critical first line of defense.

With our industry knowledge, we’ll make sure your new system is right for your building, your specific concerns, and your business.

Let's talk about how we'll protect your business