Video Surveillance System Installation

CCTV Camera Installation San Diego

The right Video Surveillance System installation protects your business and saves you money.

Protecting your business involves much more than just a simple alarm system; investing in a custom video surveillance system is a smart safety and financial decision.

Statistics from the Small Business Administration show that not having a security system in place could cost you an average of $3,370 for one incident of vandalism.

As an important security resource, video surveillance systems offer 24/7/365 protection against those potential incidents for buildings, warehouses, retail outlets, restaurants, and their equipment.

Burglary, Theft and Damage increase overhead and impact revenue…

Almost 20 percent of all commercial insurance claims are for burglary or theft that lead to costly repairs and lost revenue due to business interruption.

Recent studies show that 4 out of 10 businesses will face an insurance claim within a decade, so it just makes sense to invest in a proper Video Surveillance System so that you’re not one of those 4!

Installing a custom video surveillance system saves you money… here’s how

Not only are you protecting your physical assets with a full coverage monitoring system, but you may lower your insurance costs as well. Many commercial insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20% for a system that minimizes their potential risk.

Choosing a full coverage system to protect vulnerable parts of your business improves security, and also offers the financial benefit of better rates on your insurance premiums.

“As a client of Calico IT for over 10 years, I always know that they’re looking ahead and being proactive with my tech. And even better, I’m confident that they’ll be there to fix things and make things right if ever anything goes wrong. I know this, because they’ve always been there for us. “


Our video surveillance install experts customize your system for your specific needs.

Since every business is unique, our comprehensive assessment of your needs includes a tailored plan for full coverage security and 24/7 monitoring of interior common spaces as well as exterior areas, including parking lots, stairwells, loading docks, and all building entrances.

Our state of the art camera and monitoring technology is designed to provide powerful protection that secures your business from unexpected threats.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind … less stress lets you focus on what you do best

Not only do our systems deter criminal activity, but we also offer custom solutions and peace-of-mind protection at competitive prices. Your system will be an invaluable asset in preventing theft, protecting your business, and reducing liability.

Video surveillance systems are a critical part of protecting your business …

Let's talk before you have an expensive first 'incident'