Virtual CTO

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Effective tech solutions ensure productivity today and room for growth tomorrow.

The best technology systems are the ones you don’t notice, but when your systems don’t work together, slowdowns and downtime are unavoidable. The wrong tech doesn’t just sideline employees and impede workflow, it holds back your growth. 

While you’re concentrating on your business, who’s focusing on the big tech picture?

Our Virtual CTO services will equip you with the technology and relationships that deliver efficiency and productivity across your entire business.

Virtual CTO Services:

“As a client of Calico IT for over 10 years, I always know that they’re looking ahead and being proactive with my tech. And even better, I’m confident that they’ll be there to fix things and make things right if ever anything goes wrong. I know this, because they’ve always been there for us. “


Technology is the scaffold your business is built on.

Communications, data security/storage, business information access, customer service and more, all rely on your technology systems. Do you want to rely on outdated systems with bandaids and quick fixes holding them together?  Or do you want to have confidence that not only, will they keep performing for you, but that they’re ready to help your business and your team better serve your clients and customers so that you can grow?

We’ve been designing, implementing, and maintaining tech infrastructure, IT support and services, and provider/vendor relationships for San Diego businesses for more than 20 years

As your Virtual CTO, we’ll make sure that your tech is building your business up—not holding it back.

Let's talk about how we can make your job easier!